This song turned out amazing in the studio. I can’t wait to be able to share it. For now, the home-recording will have to do. The “mother” version will be the song included on my new CD.


The little word “if” can have so much weight on it.  So much depends on it.  And so much can come through it.

I was asked to write a song for the young women in our ward for their Young Women in Excellence.  The topic was Stand in Holy Places.  When I looked into songs that were already written, I found great songs by Hilary Weeks, Jenny Phillips and some others great writers.  My first thought was, “How could I ever add to what has already been written?”  After a lot of pondering and prayer though, the inspiration of how to approach this song came, (the day before I needed it done.)  I am grateful for the opportunity to write and for those who support me.  I am extremely grateful for inspiration that is far more than I could ever do alone.  I am also grateful to my friend Jessika, for coming over and helping me record this song.


* Note, there are two different versions for this song.both feet planted

If   PDF

If regular

If  PDF optional verse

If optional verse


When the road gets rough
there are those who loose strength.
When the path gets dark
Some fall astray.
Yet there’s others too
who stay strong through it all
And I know I can too
If I seek his strength.

And I will stand in Holy placesStand in Holy Places
so that when I reach he can take my hand
and lift me up to face it.
I’ll be found in holy places
For I know I need the strength that only He can give.
If I stand with Him.

Esther must have felt
that her trial was great
Yet she did not shrink
But walked forth in faith.
In the strength of the Lord
She faced that darkened day.
And I know I can too
If I seek his strength.


Optional *                                                      (Mother version)
And I’m strengthened by                      *My own mother too
those who now light my way.                Who now lights my way,
When their path gets hard                    When her path gets hard
or darkens their day.                            Or darkens the day
They don’t heed the fear                      She does not heed the fear
But walk on with great faith                  But walks on with great faith
And I know I can too                            And I know I can too,
If I seek his strength.                            If I seek his strength.


The promise that he gave
Still stands true today
That no trial would be too hard
that I cannot endure the way
If I seek his strength.



* In the process of pondering and praying, I called my mom for advice on how to approach this song.  She suggested to use examples of great women from the past, and she named a few.  But as I got to thinking, one of the greatest women I know who lights my way every day of my life is my own mother.  I wanted to include her in this song.