Instrumental and Choir Music

Instrumental Music

Here you will find a collection of original instrumental music and choir arrangements.  Listen to the whole song for free.  If you enjoy what you hear, and you wish to download it, please consider making a donation.  Click here to find out more.  Listen to the song by pushing the play button.  If you would like to download the song, click on the arrow next to the player.  If you would like to download the sheet music, click on the link. If the pdf does not automatically open, you can right click on the link, press “save link as” and save it to your computer and open it from there.  All music is copyrighted and all rights are reserved.   I truly hope you love what you hear.

Choir Muic

I just have the sheet music to most of these songs because, well, I don’t have a choir to record with.  If you need a recording, leave a comment and I will see what I can put together for you.


These are my original songs arranged into a choir format.

Title: His Story

His Story

Title: Through the Eyes of the Shepherd

Through the Eyes of the Shepherd


These songs are arrangements of hymns.

Title: Truth Eternal

Truth Eternal

Title: As Zion’s Youth Medley    (This arrangement is arranged much like the song “As sister in Zion and Well Bring the World His Truth”, by Michael R. Hicks.  For the women’s parts, I used the lyrics of one hymn, but the tune of another in order to make it fit.  Someday I will come back to this and do a better job.)

Zion’s Youth

Title: Easter Medley    (This song I do have a recording of just the piano part.  You can get a general idea of what it sounds like.)

Easter Medley

Easter Medley



Instrumental music

NEW!!!   Title: A Summer Nights Rainstorm

For more information on this song, go here.

A Summer Nights Rainstorm

A Summer Nights Rainstorm

Title: His Light

His Light

Title:  Confidence